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Welcome to my life!!
The Name is Destaney
My Age is 22
My Obsession is Hockey
Any questions? Go ahead and ask me :)

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David Amber: We’re thirteen days into the hockey season, as a player, who sticks out to you, Elliotte?
Elliotte Friedman: Well, for me it’s Patric Hornqvist. And maybe it is - instead of it being a surprise - a complete show of how ignorant we were of this guy when he was in Nashville. Eight points in four games, he’s third in the NHL in scoring, and we’re seeing also his hockey IQ, and scouts who see Pittsburgh say watch him on the power play. It’s not just how he gets in front of the net, it’s what he does when he gets there. The things he does to disrupt the defense, how he knows how to move in and out, sometimes leave the front of the net. He’s a really smart hockey player. 
Scott Morrison: His line mates are pretty good, too. 
Elliotte: His line mates are really good, but I think, they are pretty good, but I think he does make them better.  

See! No one paid any attention to him in Nashville. Now people are realizing why I was so pissed when he got traded.
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Not to be mean to gigi but i hate this world. Someone who was born a man is prettier then me whhhhaaaaa… whyyy cruel world!
Anonymous said: Life update?

I am in school. Working at hotel on the weekends. My life is on track again and im happy! :)

abeautifulmiss said: OMG my bestfriend a stranger! I miss you!

I miss you too i dont like this distance no bueno hurry up with nursing school!!

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Make me choose a best friend. Boyfriend. And brother. Go.

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